EcoWhite LED is one of the fastest growing brands in the lighting industry which is owned by EcoWhite Electronics Private Limited. EcoWhite’s main focus is to provide eco-friendly and energy efficient LED lighting solutions at economical cost. The quality of the products differentiates us from the crowd, which has been achieved due to the dedication of our team to work continuously on the improvement of the product quality. Since inception EcoWhite LED has been on the path of sustainable growth.

Our diverse LED products can easily be used as a substitute against the conventional lights. Each product manufactured by Ecowhite LED give better illumination and upto 90% reduction in energy saving compared to equivalent conventional lighting. Our products help our commercial, industrial and residential clients in reducing energy wastage which ultimately leads to significant cost and resource savings
Quality Centred- EcoWhite focuses on the quality of the products. We constantly strive to develop cost effective lighting solutions while always maintain the product quality at its best. We ensure that our customers get the best quality products every time they buy it from us.

Best Specifications- Ecowhite offers the best in class specification in the industry. We are offering 90-100 lumens per watt per watt, PF>0.9 and CRI of more than 80 in all our products which is one of the best in industry. Our products are UV free, glareless and do not emit harmful light. Our LEDs have an estimated 25,000-35,000 hours of incredibly long life span.

Wide Voltage Range - The use of high quality drivers with a wide input voltage range of 85-285 Volts AC ensures that all our products are capable of working flicker free even on low voltages.