The very basic question which comes to mind initially is “what is LED” and how is it different from other lighting source. Well we can define Light Emitting Diode (LED) as a semiconductor device that emits lights when an electric current is passed through it.
Why LED Light?
LED is highly energy efficient compared to its counterparts CFL/Incandescent Bulb. The main features of LED lights are they produce very Less heat, give More light, Lower electricity bills, safer to use.
A General comparison of difference Lights:
Led Comparison

Benefits of LED Light
  • No insects: LEDs don’t attract insects. Insects are attracted primarily to Ultra-violet rays which is present in conventional lights. LEDs don’t have UV light and hence they don’t attract insects
  • Energy efficient: As Led lighting systems don’t radiate heat such as the case of incandescent or halogen light, the heat generated by the power going in the product needs to be drawn out from LED chips to have an extended life of the chips. This is done with the use of heat sink which absorbs the produced heat and dissipating it to the environment. Thermal management is one of the most important factors defining the lifetime of the LED light because higher temperature of the LED chips results to degradation of the light at faster rate.
  • Consumes up to 90% less power than incandescent lamp
  • Converts 60% of electricity in light (Incandescent converts 5-10% effectively as light, rest as heat loss)
  • LED bulbs last 10 times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Ideal for frequent on-off cycle (fluorescent lamps- burn out quickly)
  • Instant on (others require heating time eg: Sodium vapor lamp, Halogen)
The measurement of Light (brightness) from the Light source is in units of “Lumens”. The amount of light from source is Lumens/watt (i.e the amount of lumens per wattage). We at Ecowhite as striving to provide products with more than 100Lumens/watt on its entire product range.
A comparison of Lumens/watt amongst the CFL v/s Incandescent v/s LED bulb is as below:
Led Comparison2

What are the difference between Cool, Neutral and Warm white color?
The light shade/ temperature is expressed in Kelvins which gives a color of the light according to the below color temperature scale graph
Color Temperature

Aren’t LEDs expensive?
The days when LEDs cost in the range of Rs400-1000 are over. As demand increased, along with the improvement in manufacturing processes, the costs have come down. EcoWhite LED lights consume 1/6th the energy of incandescent bulb and last 25 times longer. So replacing a 60 Watt incandescent with an equivalent Ecowhite LED light will save 50% of costing over the incandescent bulb’s lifetime.
Please click here to see an example.
Are LED safe?
Yes, LED lights are perfectly safe.
  • They don’t emit UV radiation
  • Environmental friendly: No toxic materials such as mercury, gas
  • They don’t carry heat in the beam
  • Strong and Rugged (other lights are fragile)
  • Unaffected by cold temperature
Comparing different costing scenarios wherein a particular type of light is used with the below assumptions:
  • Per day usage= 10hrs/day
  • Electricity rate= `7/unit
  • Cost of bulb as mentioned in the study

  • Led Comparison3

Guide to buy LED Bulb/Light
  • Brightness:The amount of light from LED lights is defined by the “Lumens/ watt” for the light source. There are other products in the market with low lumens/watt which are not the bright. EcoWhite LED products give 100Lumens/watt or more on each of its products
  • Energy consumption: All LED products in the market with same wattage doesn’t mean all consume the same amount of electricity. “Power factor” plays a major role in the amount of power consumed. Higher the power factor, better the efficiency of the LED light. EcoWhite LED products have a power factor greater than 0.98
  • Quality of lightIn general terms, it’s a measure of light source’s ability to reveal color of a product clearly as compared with natural light source. Higher “Color rendering index (CRI)” means a product colors will be shown more realistically or naturally. EcoWhite LED products have a CRI level of greater than 80 for all its product range.
  • LED Life:All LED products in the market don’t have the same lifespan. There are many branded/non-branded products in the market which have very less lifespan due to low quality components, bad thermal management. EcoWhite LED chips have a lifespan of 50,000hrs
Comparison of above discussed parameters:
Led Comparison4